The New Generation of Hoover Appliances

Hoover 8.5kg Front Load Washer (DXOA 385AH/1-AUS)

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Hoover 10kg Front Load Washer (DXT 410AH/1-AUS)

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Hoover Combination Washer/Dryer (WDXOC575AC-AUS)

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Hoover Appliances

  • New Zealand Support 

    We realise the importance of long term customer support, so we are based here too.

  • Customer Care 

    Our customer care centre can be contacted should you require instructions or service.

  • Parts Support Center 

    Should you require spare parts or accessories, our spare part department can dispatch within one business day.

  • Environmentally Friendly 

    AquaVision™ collected water is conveniently purified, lime scale free ideal for indoor watering.