Hoover Laundry


Hoover has been producing domestic appliances for over 100 years. Quite simply, Hoover is an iconic brand. Recognised worldwide by the unique red roundel, Hoover emanates a sense of status. Almost everyone had a Hoover in their household growing up, whether it was a vacuum cleaner, washing machine or dryer.


Whilst the technology has certainly changed over the last century, Hoover’s philosophy of creating innovative domestic appliances has not waivered – enter Generation Future! A lasting stamp of assurance that we’re dedicated to creating and providing today what customers will demand as the standard of tomorrow.



Hoover’s range of washing machines and dryers are designed with future generations in mind, offering valuable features such as inverter motors, wash and dry sensor technology and energy efficiency. Hoover understands how important our environment is, and the need to protect our future for generations to come.


The Hoover Dynamic washing machines are the first appliances that have been produced according to the Eco Technology Hoover philosophy. Our respect for the environment is already evident with our use of the 3rd generation Fuzzy Technology, but today the Hoover Dynamic washing machines also benefit from the eco design experience. Thanks to our strong commitment, today it is possible to recycle 86% of the whole Hoover Dynamic appliance. Just another way that Hoover is looking after Generation Future.