Hoover 8kg Condensor Dryer

The Hoover condenser sensor dryer cares for your environment. With Hoover’s unique AquaVision water tank, water removed from the fabric can be reused for household tasks such as ironing or cleaning the floors, which ultimately results in reduced water bills. As the Hoover Dynamic dryer is a condenser model it requires no ventilation and also means that moisture and fluff will not build up in the surrounding environment.


AquaVision is made from Styrene Acrylonitrile, a strong plastic material that can withstand high temperatures, is scratch resistant, durable and robust. Thanks to its ergonomical handle, the AquaVision is very easy to remove and carry and is similar to carrying a handbag. The innovative shape of AquaVision means that it is self balancing when carried, avoiding spillages, and is easy to empty.


A drainage hose is supplied with the dryer, should you wish to avoid emptying the water container after each drying cycle. The water can be discharged directly to a waste water drain pipe, the same drainage system as household sinks.


The digital display not only allows you to easily monitor the time remaining of the selected drying cycle, but also alerts you to when the water needs to be emptied from AquaVision and when the filter needs to be cleaned, via LED indicators. Other LED indicators are also visible on the digital display, when specific options are selected. When selecting the delay start option, the display will show a delay of 1 hour, subsequent presses of the button will increase the delay in one hour increments (up to 24 hours).