Hoover 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

The Heat Pump

The key feature of this Hoover dryer is the heat pump. Unlike dryers with conventional heating methods (such as an element), drying air is warmed via the heat pump with existing heat recycled throughout the selected program, resulting in a much more energy efficient and economical dryer. It is also gentler on heat sensitive materials.

Energy Efficient
With a super efficient 6 star energy rating, the Hoover heat pump dryer not only allows you to dry a generous 7kg wash load but helps to reduce running costs that may be experienced with a conventional tumble dryer.

AquaVision is made from Styrene Acrylonitrile, a strong plastic material that can withstand high temperatures, is scratch resistant, durable and robust. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the AquaVision is very easy to remove and carry and is similar to carrying a handbag. The innovative shape of AquaVision means that it is self balancing when carried, avoiding spillages, and is easy to empty. A drain hose is available however for those who wish to discharge directly to a waste water drain pipe.

Sensor Programs
To assist in making drying easier, there are four sensor dry programs to choose from, Bone Dry, Store Dry, Hang Dry and Iron Dry. These programs simply tell the dryer the level of dryness you require. Bone Dry’ is for clothes you want completely dried, ‘Store Dry assists in laundry that will be folded and stored without ironing, Hang Dry’ works best for items that don’t need to be ironed but will be hung up after drying and ‘Iron Dry leaves clothes slightly damp to allow for easier ironing.