Washer Glossary


Smaller and numerous holes in the new drum achieve a higher water pressure for an all round better cleaning performance, which enables improved water extraction during the spin cycle.


The raised HydroDome profiles increase the water circulation and stop clothes from clinging to the sides of the drum during the wash cycle. This helps to move the laundry in a 3-dimensional way during the wash cycle for a more effective wash action and reduced creasing of clothes. The convex shape of the HydroDome profiles also improves water distribution and extraction throughout the wash cycle.

Inverter Wash Technology

The Dynamic range offers the quietest Hoover wash ever with our innovative inverter wash technology, an advanced brushless motor that is far quieter than conventional motors.

KG Mode

During the first 4 minutes of the cycle, the KG Mode monitors information on the wash load, then adjusts the cycle time and water consumption to suit the type of load.

Countdown Display

Available on selected washing machines, the Hoover Countdown Display gives an at-a-glance indication of the time remaining on any wash cycle so you can manage your time more effectively.

Temperature Select

A variable temperature control allows you to wash your clothes at a different temperature than the program operates at. Spin Select Hoover washers have the flexibility of being able to lower the spin speed depending on your washing needs. 

Intelligent Sensor

The sophisticated electronic software incorporated in the Intelligent Wash System adjusts the water level and program length throughout the cycle according to how much laundry you load into the machine.

LCD Display

The advanced LCD display featured on the Dynamic range allows you to manage all elements of your wash or steam cycle with an easy to read display.

3D Dynamic Wash System

The totally redesigned VisionHD drum uses increased water pressure, curved paddles and a raised dome system to move the laundry in a 3-dimensional way, providing the innovative dynamics that ensures clothes are washed to the optimum performance.

Higher, Wider Porthole

Dynamic and VisionHD washers have an extra large 350mm porthole positioned much higher in the cabinet than traditional washing machines. This not only looks more striking but also makes loading and unloading much easier – even bulky items go in without a struggle.  

Easy Iron / Fast Iron

Available on selected programs, this function enables easier ironing due to a uniquely designed anti-crease system that is tailored to specific fabrics.

Woollens Cycle

This program is dedicated to washing garments labelled with the Wool symbol. Silk Cycle Ideal for washing “hand wash only” garments due to the low 30°C temperature and no final spin. 

Rapid Wash

All Hoover washing machines offer rapid wash programs from as little as 14 minutes to 44 minutes (time varies depending on load size). Rapid wash programs are suitable for lightly soiled clothes or washing a few items in a hurry.

Sports Cycle

Designed to deal with generally expensive fabrics which require gentleness in the wash cycle but which are liable to be dirty or stained following rigorous exercise. Provides a longer wash cycle at a low temperature.

Duvet Cycle

Available on the Dynamic, the Duvet cycle has been specially designed to wash bulky items which require more water and a specific drum spinning action to wash items effectively.

Delay Start

This option allows you to delay the start of the wash, enabling you to arrive home just in time for when the cycle finishes rather than leave the clothes damp inside the washer. It also enables you to take advantage of cheaper-rate electricity tariffs with smart meters.

Sensitive Skin

Designed for people with delicate and sensitive skin this option uses more water to ensure detergent dissolves perfectly and removes all traces of detergent from the fibres when rinsed.

Stain Blaster

The selected temperature is kept at a constant level through out the wash cycle and the drum is made to turn at two different speeds at crucial moments during the wash and rinse procedures, improving the efficiency of the wash. Features are available on selected models only. See specifications table.